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Well My 2018 is Epic AF How About Yours?

I'll make this quick right now because I am crazy busy in life right now, but wow has a lot happened already in 2018 for us so far and so much more to come. I just wanted to post here because it's been like 2 months since my last post, and as I am able to post more you'll understand why, and i can guarantee it won't be boring. 2 new cutie pies were born in our family (my 8th (and last, but not least) child my baby boy Revin, and my first grandchild, my grandson Lucas (Nick and Victoria), oh and there's a honeymoon that only the stars could have written so....

Oh! We're getting married....

Bomb dropped...

Details coming soon 💏 

Stay tuned!!!
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Stages of Deprogramming

Couldn't have said it better myself and this is a good checklist and at least you can identify that this is what it is rather than something else, that's reassuring. This is necessary in the spiritual growth process.

Dear Me:

Just saw this and felt the need to post it for the validity of its truth, because I have lived it and crawled my way out of this trap.... Because shit happens.... To all of us, things that didn't work out and people that hurt you when you needed them to the least, during the worst times in your life.

At this time during the 2017 holiday season, my birthday in 3 weeks and otherbig events, there is no time to worry about the bad junk that doesn't matter in the long run. To leave behind who what no longer serves into the future of what does. Do what matters with whom and move forward. Love the real loves in life and spend time on what does make a difference. That's how ya do it, that's how ya get there.

Take care, Shanni 💃

Happy Holidays!!! Our New App is FiNALLY Ready * GET IT HERE!

Yes Virginia there's an app for that..... 
And it is here!! And its a decked out Christmas slot machine with fun hiday icons ready to line up and WINWIN!!  and all of our exclusive content! And i built it all from my phone. Anything is possible folks! 
Here's the link to download it directly and safely on your android devices
Truly it is the best way to do kick off the holiday 2017 season and spread a lot of holiday cheer! Thanks and enjoy!!

Your Voice Matters * BE HEARD

Your voice matters!
Public Opinion Counts and NOW is a great time to take a stand and make it heard and known and make an impact!

 I know how it is to need to make an impact and not to be able to when it matters most. I GET IT! I can help you change that!

 Sign up for free or make a contribution and participate in our efforts and research, either way thank you, you made a choice and I heard you!! Your opinion counts!!

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Here ya go people......

Yes it is, in all of us. Thanks for sharing!

Moms of Boys 4. For Me

I always loved this poem about little boys. I've had 4. Love you all Nick (21), Shelden (20), Carter (17), Mark 3).