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Today's interpretation 10/20/2017

Occasionally I will do a free one card interpretation and today I drew from the Ask and it is given deck here. And before I did the pull, my thought was "it reads the energy and acts accordingly" and this is the card I drew

And in my wisdom this indicates a repetitive cycle of some kind, that we are moving forward to the next repeat. Some kind of time frame or life event, action. Just a cycle. This is actually not a great card if you're on the hell hamster wheel of a bloodstorm or hard times. Repeating cycles of incoming money is good, yet consider the source. We do stay stuck on a loop until something else happens, change of energy or thoughts, feelings, events etc. But the motion is still an ever moving forward tide. It can not stay stuck or stay the same, but something stays the same regardless. Good example, the ocean will move but will remain the same color until something changes it. Understand  that's the concept in place in this card. Great reading I,thought.…

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