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Upcoming With A Quickness

Hello everyone hope you are all having a great day! I just wanted to come on and say that I will be adding networking, business and monetization content to the site soon, as this as well as being my blog is for such content also because that is what I do, its just not the entirety of what I do. I mean yeah, money is great but there is such an over saturation of "the latest and greatest" and less authentic quality blogging nowadays and i know I have more to contribute than that. However you know I am trying to get out of the matrix systems and take care of me and mine so yeah, I will be adding this content. You are never obligated to buy or sign up for what I offer, but I do love comments and feedback on the non-commercialized posts. So thank you for your support! I will be adding a few commercial posts here shortly but more, will be my articles that are personal to me. I just want to get a good headstart on things.Thanks for everything and have a great one!!! 💗 Shanni


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2018 Biggest EVER!!! Are you IN or UN?

Oh yeah to amore a la fuego and that time of the year for the holidays and 2018 jumpstarts!! Yes cuties we're having another launch party Shanni Style with all the Shanni fLAVA you've come to know over the years and if you're new to the party, all the better = new people to know and luv....

 Welcome to the Fuego Fiasco!!  Here's what we have going on so far this season:

 Interaction with real practical business at IBO Spirit.

Sacred Chocolate: I love this and I know you will too! Enjoy these Sacred sweeties!

 Trip Tribe We are planning several fun retreats in 2018 and 2019 and we would love to have you with us!!

Patreon: Become a creator and grow your brand. Our own page coming soon.

 So, how to get in on it? Simply sign up, for free, or with a contribution, either is totally fine!!

 We would love it if you would add us to your online spaces at these venues:

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 And coming soon earn 15% on commissions for this event as an affiliate par…

Great Halloween with my boy as Bret Michaels!!

Yep, damn straight I sure did dress Mark up as Bret Michael's because we're epic af like that!! He looks pretty awesome if you ask me! He wasn't a fan of getting the eyeliner put on though and i was gentle as I could be but I still got r done!

And yes absolutely I took him out to our local church's trunk or treat and he got lots of candy there, panda few houses afterwards. There's candy and candy wrappers all over our house. But it was a great night!!

Here are pics ENJOY!!!

Shanni and Mark

Little Mark's SERIOUSLY ADORABLE Man Bun!!

I just wanted to share and get an audience opinion on man buns on a little boy. So I put my son's hair in a bun. I think he's adorable and my neighbors who watch him a few times a week do too. But that's just us. It won't stop me from putting his hair in a bun if people don't like it, because he's my kid and its my choice to do so. But I do want to know what opinions people have about them? Comment after this post if you'd like.

Thanks! Shanni 💃 and Marky 💙