You want me to title this sunofabitch? Ha! No.....

Hello there, welcome to YNQ Fuego! This started out a month ago as a site for apps I want to build around my work here, but its going to be so much more.... At this point I just needed to get a starting post off the ground so here we are 🔮💥
Mind you, I'm NOT new to online business, damn people I am almost 42, loll! But I've got somewhere in my career despite the MANY times I've had to start it all over so much I lost track, due to crazy situationships, oh and due I ever have some stories to tell in time! Right now, as I said I just needed to get the blog started....

Coming soon is the YNQ Fuego app to stay connected at all times..... SWEET!

The thing is, good bad an ugly, I'm not going to make this site about the business, that's not the real me. In an autie with secrets and a jugga^love in Ca enroute that's would shock the hell out of Salt Lake City if they only knew, a victim of the system, and an army mom about to obliterate the hell out of the matrix that tore my team apart. "Its been a helluva ride driving the edge of a knife" normal? Yep, and expanded evolvement, healing the conscious collective revolution.... Wrap your brain around that one. Now that I GOT THIS, I GOT ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD for all I will do in life. Welcome to my shitstorm


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