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Great Halloween with my boy as Bret Michaels!!

Yep, damn straight I sure did dress Mark up as Bret Michael's because we're epic af like that!! He looks pretty awesome if you ask me! He wasn't a fan of getting the eyeliner put on though and i was gentle as I could be but I still got r done!

And yes absolutely I took him out to our local church's trunk or treat and he got lots of candy there, panda few houses afterwards. There's candy and candy wrappers all over our house. But it was a great night!!

Here are pics ENJOY!!!

Shanni and Mark


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A STUNNING pass for Bret Michaels that's making an entance!!

So, this is a picture of my 3 year old little boy Mark that i just took about an hour ago after I got a sudden spark of genius to try this Halloween bandana that's been floating around my house in the hands of my toddler for a bit now....
Correct me if I'm wrong (but I don't think I am), but I think my kid could totally pass for Bret Michaels for Halloween, what do you think? I get a little bit more clothing for him, maybe a bit of eye liner lol and I'm not kidding about that and viola!! We have a little mini Bret Michaels! My boy could totally pass it off and people would love it! He's got the blue eyes and blonde hair so eh, why not?

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Thanks! Shanni 💃 and Marky 💙